Engineered Accounting Solutions - Engagement Process


Proposal Phase: 

  • We strive to create a level of value that is worth more than the fee that you (the Client) pays.
  • The initial consult is (generally) free of charge. For Accounting & Bookkeeping engagements, we ask for access to your Accounting records (using QuickBooks Online) so we can review your Financial Statements to confirm our understanding of your situation and the work required based on our initial discussion. We generally use a short questionnaire to ensure that we capture all the relevant information.  
  • Engagements with a well-defined scope and end result, will be treated as tasks. We will detail the scope of these tasks in an engagement letter. 


  • The scope, and payment terms will be agreed-to prior to the start of each engagement.
  • We will quote a flat fee (value pricing) for tasks or projects with a defined completion – you’ll know the cost upfront. For consulting or advisory engagements, we will quote a negotiable hourly rate.
  • We generally require 50% payment at the start of the engagement with the balance due upon delivery of the work-product or completion of the task(s), quoted. For monthly, recurring engagements, we normally require automatic (ACH) payments due on the 1st of each month.
  • For more extensive, indeterminate or complex (project) work, a quote and work-plan will be submitted based on the scope of the engagement and an agreed-upon billing/payment schedule will be based on the duration of the project.


  • Our on-boarding process will vary based on the type and complexity of the engagement. 
  • Information that is required to complete the tasks detailed in the engagement letter will be required during this phase. 
  • Remote engagements and progress discussions will be conducted via, Zoom or Skype. Sensitive documents, files and records will be shared using our secure portal that can be accessed HERE.
Accounting Services
Accounting can be divided into two distinct areas: Financial Accounting involving Compliance and Managerial Accounting-data that Owners/Operators/Managers and Partners need to make informed, relevant decisions. We can help with both.
Accounting Services
Advisory Services
We're able to provide expertise in several areas of your business in addition to Accounting, Bookkeeping and Tax-related services. We can claim this, because we’ve lived it. Give us an opportunity to gain your trust. We want to become your full-service Advisor.
Advisory Services
Bookkeeping Expertise
Bookkeeping is the process of inputting, classifying, error correction and maintaining accounting records. Understated or overstated accounts? QuickBooks workflow issues? Problems, large or small, simple or complex, let us help.
Bookkeeping Expertise
Tax Services
Whether it's Tax Planning, Tax Preparation, or Tax Resolution, small businesses need help navigating the complexities of the tax code. If you have unfiled returns, tax liens, levies or tax debt, contact us so we can discuss your tax-related issues or needs.
Tax Services

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