Our Engagements Yield Great Outcomes.

Our Engagements Yield Great Outcomes 

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Suggested Service Plans

Service / Scope 
Clean-up / Compliance Plan 1
Maintain Monthly Plan 2
Insight / Strategic Plan 3
Budgets, Forecasts, Operating PlansNot includedNot includedYes - Rolling plans updated Monthly
Custom Reports - Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)Not includedOptional - Depending on requestMonthly - Included
Depreciation of Fixed Assets / Book Value of AssetsInitial adjustment - Annually thereafterMonthly adjustmentsMonthly adjustments
Document Digitization and ArchivalUSB drive, 5 years of data files upon disengagement - $150 feeSame as Clean-up - USB drive, $50 fee and Cloud storage on Client's accountSame as Maintain - No fee for USB drive
Intercompany Loan TransactionsInitial adjustment for balance and interest - Annually thereafterSemi-annuallyMonthly
Inventory Valuation / Cost of Goods SoldInitial adjustment - Annually thereafterSemi-annuallyQuarterly
Onsite / Virtual MeetingsNot included - OptionSemi-annual reviewsQuarterly reviews
QuickBooks Online Subscription and Third Party AppsPaid directly by client/userBilled to client/user by EASBilled to client/user by EAS
Reconcile Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, LoansIncludedIncludedIncluded
Review of Accounts Receivables / PayablesNot includedMonthly summary reportsMonthly summary reports
Sales Tax FilingsNot included - Separate engagementNot included - Separate engagementNot included - Separate engagement
Setup / Modify Chart of AccountsIncludedIncludedIncluded
Tax PlanningDepending on scope of clean-up workSeparate engagement - With discount, TBDSeparate engagement - With discount, TBD
Tax PreparationSeparate engagementSeparate engagement - With discount, TBDSeparate engagement - With discount, TBD


  • Options (listed above) are suggested services only. The nature of each actual engagement will vary. There is some flexibility on offering items (a’ la carte) to develop a proposal package. The engagement agreement will control and detail the scope of work to be completed and specify all terms.
  • We offer an initial consult that is (generally) free of charge. For Accounting & Bookkeeping proposals, we ask for access to your Accounting records (using QuickBooks Online) so we can review your data to confirm our understanding of the work required. Additionally, we use a questionnaire to ensure that we capture all relevant information.
  • Tax-related and other engagements will require data and records as appropriate for the type of task or project being quoted.
  • Our mutual understanding will be detailed in an engagement letter with signature(s) required to acknowledge agreement.


  • Fees are based on the complexity of the engagement, and developed as part of the proposal, so fees are not listed above. Fees will be detailed in the engagement letter and will be agreed-to prior to the start of the engagement.
  • We will quote a flat fee (value pricing) for tasks or projects with a defined completion – you’ll know the cost upfront. Ongoing consulting or advisory engagements without well-defined completion dates will be estimated with terms.
  • We generally require 50% payment at the start of the engagement with the balance due upon delivery of the work-product or completion of the task(s), quoted. For monthly, recurring engagements, we normally require automatic (ACH) payments due on the 1st of each month.
  • For more extensive, indeterminate or complex (project) work, a quote and work-plan will be submitted based on the scope of the engagement with an agreed-upon billing/payment schedule.


  • Our on-boarding process will vary based on the type and complexity of the engagement.
  • Information that is required to complete the tasks detailed in the engagement letter will be required during this phase.
  • Remote engagements and progress discussions will be conducted via, Zoom or Skype.
  • Sensitive documents, files and records will be shared using our Secure Encyro Portal.

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