Engineered Accounting Solutions - A Specialty Accounting, Advisory, Bookkeeping and Tax Firm.

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Who We Are

Engineered Accounting Solutions is a full-service Accounting, Advisory, Bookkeeping and Tax Firm.

What We Do

We take a unique approach toward helping business clients achieve their financial and operating performance goals. We combine our engineering experience with accounting and tax expertise to provide the type of insight clients want and the competitive edge their business needs.

Why We Do It

EAS, LLC was started to address concerns and the dissatisfaction that many Small Business Owners have with Accountants – To provide business clients with advisory services to aid them in their decision-making in addition to accounting and tax compliance while providing exceptional customer service.

Our biggest satisfaction is helping our Clients make progress in every facet of their business.

Operating performance improvements lead to financial performance improvements. We specialize in modeling your operating activities and utilizing analytics/metrics to provide clarity and insight from accounting data. Our emphasis is toward Construction, Manufacturing and Transport & Logistics Providers.

Why choose us?

Three reasons.

  *  We strive to understand your business better than our competition – this makes us more effective as your Accountant or Tax Pro.

 *  The value we deliver is greater than other alternatives.

*  And, We care.

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It’s Tax Time…

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Accounting Services
Accounting can be divided into two distinct areas: Financial Accounting involving Compliance and Managerial Accounting-data that Owners/Operators/Managers and Partners need to make informed, relevant decisions. We can help with both.
Accounting Services
Advisory Services
We're able to provide expertise in several areas of your business in addition to Accounting, Bookkeeping and Tax-related services. We can claim this, because we’ve lived it. Give us an opportunity to gain your trust. We want to become your full-service Advisor.
Advisory Services
Bookkeeping Expertise
Bookkeeping is the process of inputting, classifying, error correction and maintaining accounting records. Understated or overstated accounts? QuickBooks workflow issues? Problems, large or small, simple or complex, let us help.
Bookkeeping Expertise
Tax Services
Whether it's Tax Planning, Preparation, or Tax Resolution, individuals and small businesses need help navigating the complexities of the tax code. If you have unfiled returns, tax liens, levies, or have planning/other questions, contact us to discuss your tax-related issues.
Tax Services


We make it simple to engage our services.

01 Introduction 

Every business and situation is different. We’ll start with a conversation to get to know you and your business and your issues, better. Understanding the big picture helps us to address the specifics of your issues and concerns later in the process. 

02 Data Collection

Next, we’ll work with you to gather the information we need. This process may repeat itself since we often uncover additional issues or symptoms of underlying problems as we collect and review the data. If we see something important that was not initially discussed, we’ll tell you.

03 – Analysis & Proposal 

We’ll present you with our findings and submit a comprehensive proposal for your review. We’ll give you a range of options to consider and we’re more than willing to consider your suggestions within our recommendations as to those tasks and the work that should be completed.  

04 Kick Off 

After you’re on-boarded, we will continue to communicate our progress and complete the tasks or project based on the engagement agreement. We want happy and engaged Clients, so we encourage your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve.  

Small Business Owners...What do you want from your Accountant, Finance or Tax Pro?

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New Year’s Humor (not really)

Q: How many Accountants does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Ans: How many did it take last year?

Some more humor – We can always use more

A “subtle” example of telling someone when they’re wrong. The video in this link is not that example.

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