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Why Choose Us for Your Accounting, Advisory or Tax Needs?

Why choose Engineered Accounting Solutions? First and foremost, it’s because we strive to understand your business better than any other Accounting, Advisory or Tax Firm! 

It’s simple. To truly be effective and make a difference, an Accounting, Advisory or Tax Firm needs to understand how your business functions. How you earn your revenue, your costs, and the unique ways in which you operate. Maybe you have multiple entities that transact business with each other (related parties). Or, you have multiple independent revenue streams from various products or services and you’re trying to determine the return on sales for each of these inflows and that requires you to separate your costs to make a reasonably accurate comparison. 

Understanding your business helps you, the Client in other ways. Time is always money. A well prepared, well-versed Accountant and Tax Pro can leap into an issue without being re-acquainted with any of the specifics of your business and start developing a plan to attack and solve the issue. 

It takes determination and resolve with input from you (the Client) so that an Accountant or Tax Pro has a firm grasp on how your business operates. This enables them to apply their knowledge of Accounting, Finance and Tax Law in ways that will benefit your company to help you (the Client) identify ways to earn more and keep more of what you earn. 

Why Choose Engineered Accounting Solutions for Your Business? A Few Reasons

Our services are integrated. This means that as the details of your records and transactions become more apparent, we can suggest ways to create more value for your business through simplifying your processes, identifying savings on operating expenses or ways to mitigate and reduce your tax obligations. For example, Should you title a vehicle in the business’s name? There are tax consequences to this decision involving the IRS treatment of Actual vs. a Standard Mileage Deduction that can potentially save an Owner hundreds, if not thousands in taxes over the life of the asset used in a business. 

Another example involves buying vs. leasing arrangements, where the total cost of an asset’s use is compared. If an asset has a “lease to own agreement,” then the total costs to own/lease and operate an asset are compared to the total benefits (including taxable benefits, like depreciation, interest costs, maintenance expenses, in addition to a lease to buy option) over the expected usage of the asset. 

Not Convinced, Good. Some Additional Reasons

Additionally, Our size and structure assures that you (the Client) is getting the kind of value that larger firms can’t match because their overhead guarantees a higher price for comparable services. As an Independent Contractor, we’re also more cost effective than hiring an employee(s) with the added costs from payroll and benefits. 

Moreover, We care about you as our Client beyond our engagement agreement. If we see something (that we think you need to know), regardless of whether it’s part of our agreement or not, we’re going to tell you and we’re going to help you address it. We pride ourselves in delivering top notch customer service – it’s what further differentiates us from other Practices.  

No fancy third-party Apps, artificial intelligence, slick marketing copy or shiny baubles can replace a knowledgeable and skilled Accountant with the resolve and talent to help you solve your biggest financial issues. This is what separates good and great Accountants and Tax Practitioners from average ones, mainly concerned with compliance. 

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