Our Frequently Asked Questions Demonstrate Our Unique Expertise And Deep Understanding Of Your Business To Bring You Order And Clarity.

Our Firm – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) 

These Frequently Asked Questions Demonstrate how We’re Unique. Our Firm Strives to bring calm, clarity and order to your Accounting, Bookkeeping or Tax Problems. 

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Who/What is Engineered Accounting Solutions? 

Engineered Accounting Solutions is a full-service Accounting, Advisory, Bookkeeping and Tax Firm.

Who Have We Helped? 

Automotive Detailers; Automotive Repair Contractors; Corporate Safety Consultants; Electrical Service Contractors; Employment Agencies; Heating & Cooling (HVAC) Installers; Plumbers; Real Estate Investors; Residential and Commercial Construction Firms; Transport & Logistics Firms.

Do We Have an Industry or Service Focus? 

Engineered Accounting Solutions is focused on:

  • Automotive-related Repair and Maintenance Shops
  • Commercial and Residential Construction Firms
  • Engineering Service Providers 
  • Fix Inventory Issues
  • Small Manufacturers 
  • Tax Debt Representation for Small Business, and
  • Transport and Logistics Providers

Yes. We will (and do) work with Companies and Individuals outside these sectors/services.  

What Is It That We Do? 

We help business clients achieve their financial and operating performance goals.

By combining our engineering experience with accounting and tax expertise our firm provides the type of insight clients want and the competitive edge their business needs.

  • Fix Books and Accounting Records ⇒ Performance Measures/Analytics ⇒ Interpret Results Over Time

We interpret the results, so clients can better understand their data. They not only see how their business has performed, but can anticipate what to expect, going forward.

We identify specific ways to minimize your business and/or personal tax liability (using proprietary methods) from your flow-through business – You keep more of what you’ve earned.

  • Fix Books and Accounting Records ⇒ Satisfy Compliance Requirements (tax filings) ⇒ Create Tax Plan ⇒ Monitor and Adjust to Hit Targets

How Do We Do This?

  • We analyze your business’s financial data and give you a roadmap to increase Operating (cash) Profitability – Your business earns more.
  • Our firm creates a tax plan, monitors progress and suggests adjustments to hit tax liability targets – You keep more of what you earn.
  • Operating performance improvements lead to financial performance improvements. We specialize in modeling your operating activities and utilize analytics/metrics to suggest ways to operate more effectively and efficiently. 

Why Do We Do This?  

EAS, LLC was started to address concerns and the dissatisfaction that many Small Business Owners have with Accountants – To provide business clients with advisory services to aid them in their decision-making (and to improve their long-term capital formation) in addition to accounting and tax compliance while providing exceptional customer service.

About Customer Service

We don’t treat Clients or Prospects, poorly. One of the biggest knocks on the accounting profession is the inability or refusal (for accountants and tax pros) to simplify or explain complex topics in a way that has meaning so that Clients can be persuaded to act in their best interest.

We enjoy talking about ALL THINGS accounting or tax related and this firm prides itself in being able to simplify these topics so that Clients want to act!

Our biggest satisfaction is helping our Clients make progress in every facet of their business.

Why choose us?

Several reasons.

We strive to understand your business better than our competition – This makes us more effective as your Accountant or Tax Pro.

We specialize in profitability and tax planning, but integrate these with our core compliance services – Making us your “One Stop Shop,” for all things – Accounting or Tax.

The value we deliver is greater than other (higher-priced) alternatives that offer no additional benefits.

And, We’ll give you the support and help your business requires to succeed.

Read More – Why Choose Us?

How are we different?

Owners/Partners/Shareholders want to understand how their business is performing and implement strategies and tactics to boost profits or increase efficiency. But, to get there, they absolutely need accurate records. We view this as a value chain and we, 1. quickly identify and fix disastrous accounting/data/records, 2. satisfy compliance - specifically, tax compliance, leading to, 3. identifying higher-value opportunities using analytics and methods/technology/tools. But, the bedrock is accurate and consistent records to measure performance and create good data. Why? Data, is what drives decisions - to buy, sell, create, expand, invest, or not. 

 What are the (2) Primary Issues Clients Need Help With? 

For business Clients, we identify how their business can 1. Earn more – Through analytics and, 2. Help the individual Client keep more of what they earn – Through tax planning. 

Do You Help Resolve Tax Debt Issues With the IRS? 

Yes – We can represent you before the IRS and State taxing authorities to resolve your tax debt problems. 

Have you received letters from the IRS threatening salary or wage garnishments or levy’s/lien’s against your business or personal property? This defines anxiety and stress.

Whatever you do, do not try and resolve this yourself. Without a detailed understanding of the tax code and IRS processes and procedures, you will not be able to effectively assert your rights, leading to an agreement that is less than advantageous. Hire a competent and qualified tax resolution pro.   

Why don’t you post your fees for the services you offer?

Fees vary by Client, the type of work and the amount of work. A “one size, fits all,” solution, is not the best solution, because every Client issue or problem is unique. Engagements are tailored to fit the needs and requirements of each Client. After a brief introductory call, we identify those issues and problems impacting our business Clients and follow-up with a proposal.

I’ve just Started a business, can you help?

Yes! We can organize and file your business as a Sole Proprietorship, LLC, Partnership or Corporation with your respective State. We can also elect a  “taxed-as,” entity (for federal tax purposes) such as an S-Corporation  to lock in tax advantages, depending on your business and expected operating activity. In addition, we’ll help you create your business (file) in QuickBooks – connecting accounts, structuring the chart of accounts, classifying transactions and generating reports to get your business off to a great start.

Do you offer in-person consults?

Yes. In-person consults as well as phone and video discussions are available by appointment only. See our Booking options Google Calendar or through our website Contact Page.

Do you assist individuals as well as businesses?

Yes. However, Our focus is toward businesses that often have an immediate need or issue that needs to be resolved. We offer individual services, but most of these services are in conjunction with a business that these individuals own. Please contact us, so we can determine if we’re the best fit to solve your specific issue.