Our Principles And Values.

Our Principles and Values

Our Principles and Values 


Consistency is a bedrock principle that applies not just in business, but in life. Our activities and actions are consistent and driven by the desire to help our Clients (and prospective Clients) make progress toward achieving their goals. We look to “break” complex work into smaller (groupings) of similar tasks and apply any lessons learned across our Firm. Because we’re a full service Firm, we also anticipate how best to apply accounting or bookkeeping principles to minimize tax obligations (as an example) to yield the best outcome for our Clients. If we see something (even outside our stated agreements), we’ll say something, regardless. Our consistency is toward the betterment of our Clients.


Without Integrity, nothing else matters. We don’t overpromise and underdeliver. When we commit, or make a promise, we do it – it’s that simple. Regarding our work – we don’t cut corners. Be assured that our accounting methods, bookkeeping entries or tax positions are consistent with regulatory mandates or tax laws and we conduct extensive research in addition to continuing education coursework to stay on top of new edicts or any changes that may affect your business or unique situation.


In this digital and AI-world, it’s easy for some practices to lose perspective on the most important attributes in any relationship – it’s about people. We embrace and use technology everywhere, but technology is simply a tool to solve problems. In any business, it’s about treating people whether it’s clients, contractors, employees, partners (and in our case) anyone that may be affiliated with this Firm, with patience and respect. We don’t and won’t sacrifice this value for advances in technology.

We always look to simplify complex accounting or tax matters so Clients understand the value in what they’re getting and we use plain language to communicate with our Clients through open, honest dialogue to move the process forward. If we’re asked for help outside our immediate engagement focus, we help. We recognize that Clients often look to their Accountants for their business savvy and we seize these opportunities whenever appropriate. 


Our approach to every Client relationship – we look to exceed Client’s expectations to the best of our abilities. We customize our solutions to best fit each unique Client and engagement and pride ourselves in being able to handle many Clients with multiple, shifting priorities under difficult circumstances – our Project Management experience at work. 

Finally, we’re determined to help the small business Client understand the power of their  accounting and financial data to improve their decision-making on how best to operate, plan and grow more efficiently and profitably.

Relationships and Trust

No matter what you do, if you’re in business and you can’t build relationships or trust with your Customers or Clients, you won’t be successful – it’s not a throwaway cliche’, it’s true. And, If you’re an Accountant and don’t enjoy solving Client’s problems, you won’t be able to make the kind of meaningful, impactful difference Clients expect, particularly in this uncertain economic environment when they need it most.

Trust and relationships are the most valuable currency a professional services provider holds. We respect Clients, whether they are prospects or existing Customers and we strive to create the kind of value Clients want that builds relationships and trust over time. 

Security and Confidentiality 

Our Clients informational assets and data are exceedingly important and we guard these assets as if they were our own. We don’t take risks with unsecure networks or WiFi systems that invite opportunities for scammers or thieves – we use encrypted portals to transfer and transmit confidential and sensitive information (as one example). We also regard Client communications (both verbal and electronic) as confidential and we don’t share, disseminate or discuss these with anyone not related to or involved in the engagement with our Clients.

It'S About Relationships And Trust.

What Else…Why Choose Us? 

Running a business is complex and time consuming:  We understand the time pressures and constraints that every Owner/Operator/Partner has. You’ll be confident knowing that your records/books are in capable hands.

We love Accounting:  Whether it’s learning about a new application or expanding our technical knowledge or techniques, we’re constantly challenging ourselves to learn so we can be a better resource for our Clients.

We bring a sense of urgency to completing tasks:  We won’t waste your most precious resource, your time. We have the experience and expertise to quickly grasp the problem, solve it and move on.

For your peace of mind:  Insured for errors and omissions (E & O). Certificates available upon request.

Value:  We don’t suffer from large indirect costs or overhead. Consider the value of what you receive when choosing a capable Accountant, Bookkeeper, or Tax Professional. Overhead costs associated with large brick and mortar offices get passed on to you, the Client.