Press Release – Engineered Accounting Solutions – October, 2021 – Expansion/Improvements

Press Release – EASLLC – October, 2021 – To further distinguish its practice, Engineered Accounting Solutions, LLC announces its expansion into Tax Resolution and improvements to it’s Website.


Re-Launch of Website – Enhancements and Improvements  

Regarding EAS’s Website, Mike Faremouth, Owner/Principal was looking to create a better experience for users. “With the exception of enhancing EAS’s search rankings, I did all the branding, layout, and content, myself.” “I wanted to give it a process-oriented look and I spent a lot of time laying out each individual page.” “It needed to be streamlined (and simpler) with less clutter and a more effective navigation menu to help users quickly find what they want or need.” “There’s enough detail, if users want it, but it’s located on the sub-level from the main menu items so it doesn’t distract.” “I also used a lot of new images to reinforce what I was trying to convey.”

Expansion into Tax Resolution Focused on Small Business

Mr. Faremouth stated that the decision to offer Tax Resolution was a natural extension of EAS’s focus on Small Business. “Relative to small businesses, issues involving tax assessments or debt often involve employment taxes and trust fund penalties.” “The choice of whether to offer tax resolution for small businesses was a natural extension for a full-service Firm, because businesses don’t want to shop for these specialized services.”

“If you’re an Accountant or Tax Pro, business owners won’t normally draw a distinction between what you do and the problems or issues they have that need to be addressed.” “They will assume that you have the necessary or required expertise, even if you don’t, or don’t offer service in that particular niche.” “Additionally, businesses need help with representation if they encounter correspondence or field audits.”

A Focus on Differentiation

Practice differentiation is key to EAS’s brand. “I started my practice by focusing on aspects that I thought could be improved or things that were underserved in the Accounting profession.” “My focus has been customer service and business advisory services.” “There’s always room for improvement with customer service.” “I’m constantly asking myself what I could have done better every time I communicate with Clients.” “And, Advisory Services are so broad and varied because every Client’s situation is unique.” “You need a broad range of expertise to be an effective, relevant resource.” “You can’t know or do everything, but you need to be fluent with those services that businesses are likely to expect or want.”

What the Future Holds & More Announcements 

As to future endeavors, Mr. Faremouth has a lot of ideas. “We’re a small practice that is focused on Construction, Engineering Service Providers, Manufacturers and Transport Providers.” “In particular, I’m looking for companies that have investor capital.” “Our niche has a lot to do with my engineering background and experience.” “Through our efforts to cultivate and include contractors, employees and partners, we’re looking to grow substantially in the next 12-18 months.” Additional announcements and press releases will follow.  

Finally, he commented on the name – Engineered Accounting Solutions. “Being an Engineer, CPA Candidate and Enrolled Agent, I thought it was an interesting combination, to further differentiate my practice toward advisory services, since I’ve worked in a myriad of different functional roles in my prior corporate experience.” “I was never theoretical or research-driven, preferring to look at the pragmatic side of problems.” “And, I always gravitated toward the business-side, because that’s where the action is.” ” It’s been my experience that if the economics made sense, in a problem situation, then other issues could usually be overcome.” “So, the marriage of Engineering and Accounting in a brand identifier just seemed like a great combination.”

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